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 In view of the current situation, many of the learners have travelled back home or are in places that are different from what you had chosen in the exam form for March/April  NPTEL Exams.
  In case you want to change the city from what you had chosen earlier, please login and do the same.

 Attention March 29 candidates

  NPTEL exams scheduled for March 29 2020 are postponed to happen on either 25/26 April 2020. Please choose which date is more comfortable. We will allocate based on seat availability. So please be available to write exam on whichever date is allocated - can be either 25 or 26 April. (Courses with exam dates in April - No change)

  Please choose the cities for NPTEL exams scheduled on 25/26April. These cities will be allotted based on availability and for ALL exams registered by you (both March and April). The actual session of exam will be based on availability. Please make it convenient to attend exams accordingly.

  In case of any queries, please reply back to the same email ID from which you had received our notification. Limited support will be available on phone as most of our staff   have gone back home.